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Offer Your Patients Relief from TMJ Pain All Day Long

You already know that bite guards are a great solution for treating the symptoms of TMJ disorder at night. However, what if you want to offer your patients comfortable relief for their TMJ symptoms throughout the day? Simple. Prescribe them the latest, FDA-cleared TMJ treatment, Cerezen™ ear canal inserts. Custom-made, hollow inserts that fit in your patients’ ear canals, Cerezen™ inserts are easy for your patients to place and remove and when inserted into the ear are practically invisible. Plus, they don’t interfere with eating or talking, which makes them ideal for the daytime treatment of TMJ symptoms. Custom-made Cerezen™ ear canal inserts can relieve discomfort associated with TMJ disorder like jaw pain, jaw popping and inner ear pain. Don’t let your patients suffer from daytime TMJ pain unnecessarily. Offer them comfortable relief for the symptoms of their TMJ disorders with Cerezen™ ear canal inserts.