What are the benefits for patients using the Cerezen™ ear canal inserts?

Patient using Cerezen™ ear canal inserts to treat TMJ pain


Cerezen™ inserts are custom-fit ear canal inserts that are comfortable, discreet and can provide patients with TMJ pain relief all day long.

Patients wearing the ear canal inserts in a three-month clinical study experienced a significant reduction in the pain and dysfunction associated with temporomandibular joint disorders (TMJD), to an extent at least as much as that experienced by patients wearing a bite splint or following a specified jaw exercise regimen. In addition to the TMJ pain reduction, 100% of subjects indicated good (29%) or excellent (71%) overall satisfaction with Cerezen™ ear canal inserts. No unexpected or serious adverse events were reported and a comparable safety profile to the bite splint was observed. When the device is inserted into the ear it is practically invisible from the outside.

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