Success Stories

Hear success stories from patients and prescribers

  • After more than 20 years of suffering from TMJD symptoms that included jaw pain and tightness, popping, soreness, and teeth grinding, Cindy’s chiropractor prescribed Cerezen™ ear canal inserts. She described the relief of her TMJD symptoms as remarkable. Cindy also found that her stress has greatly reduced, as she doesn’t spend her time worrying about TMJ pain.
  • In addition to severe jaw pain, Susan's TMJ Disorder caused jaw popping and locking. Over the last 15 years, she tried mouth guards, muscle relaxers and massage, but nothing relieved her TMJD symptoms. Susan called the results with her Cerezen™ ear canal inserts, “remarkable.” Her jaw no longer pops or locks, her quality of life has improved, and she is more relaxed.
  • Diagnosed with TMJD by his dentist, Kevin described his temporomandibular joint disorder as a constant nagging pain that interfered with his day. After growing frustrated with the ineffectiveness of his bite guard, various drug treatments, and physical therapy, Kevin’s dentist prescribed Cerezen™ ear inserts. He quickly saw improvements, and his life has changed significantly.
  • Diagnosed with temporomandibular joint disorder by his dentist, Keith’s TMJ pain was so bad that he couldn't completely close his mouth. After an unsuccessful experience with a night guard, Keith’s dentist prescribed Cerezen™ ear canal inserts. Keith began to feel pain relief within two days and now wakes up feeling like "a different person."
  • Lara's TMJ pain has kept her from having a good night’s sleep for more than 10 years. After trying various mouth guards, one of which made her feel like she was choking, her TMJ symptoms continued to worsen to the point where her teeth cracked. Now she wears Cerezen™ ear canal inserts all day and night, and she feels like her whole life has changed because she’s no longer living with TMJ pain.
  • Kristina has been suffering from TMJ disorder since she was 14 years old. Her teeth grinding was so severe that it caused holes in her teeth. Her bite plates would last about six months before she would grind through those as well. Kristina’s chiropractor prescribed Cerezen™ inserts, and she began to feel relief the same day. She calls the inserts, "life changing."
  • As a chiropractor, Dr. McMichael sees patients with temporomandibular joint disorder every day. As a TMJD sufferer herself, she knows all too well the pain that comes along with the condition. After trying Cerezen™ inserts herself, she found that her jaw popping and clicking have ceased, and her jaw pain has decreased. Now she eagerly prescribes Cerezen™ inserts to her patients.

Precautions and Warnings: Please note that the above-described patient experiences with the Cerezen™ inserts are not typical. Individual patient response to the treatment may vary. Please view the Precautions page for a complete list of precautions and warnings.