Treat your patient’s TMJD symptoms

The CerezenTM device is a unique, pioneering medical treatment that effectively treats TMJD (Temporomandibular Joint Disorders) pain and can be worn day and night. Clinically effective, safe to use, they are custom-made, discreet, hollow inserts, worn in the ears.

The Science of CerezenTM Inserts

Here is how it works – A number of key activities occur when the CerezenTM devices are used to treat pain symptoms of TMJD:


  • The device acts to provide biofeedback to the masticatory muscular system
  • When wearing the customized CerezenTM devices, the ear canal shape changes to that presented in an open jaw position
  • This provides a subtle feedback to break the cycle of clenching and grinding and encourages your patient to relax their jaw
  • Parafunctional activity is thus reduced

Tension Reduction

  • TMJD sufferers often present with their lateral pterygoid muscles in a tense state, by causing this muscle to relax, it reduces pressure and strain on the jaw joint, and therefore reduces many of the presenting TMJD symptoms such as jaw pain, facial pain, ear pain and tension headaches.

Physical Support

  • It is believed the inserts provide physical support for the temporomandibular joint*
  • This physical support can be evidenced in many of those patients that had presented with popping or grating of the jaw with an immediate reduction in their symptoms by wearing the CerezenTM inserts

* MRI and jaw tracking studies currently underway to substantiate

Can be worn for TMJD relief day and night

Non Invasive TMJD treatment with long term benefits

Non Invasive with no adverse effect on speech, hearing or eating

Clinically proven, effective, unique approach to TMJD pain symptoms

How CerezenTM devices are made

Watch our video to find out how CerezenTM devices are made

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