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What do Cerezen Patients and Providers say?


See what Cerezen™ providers and customers have to say about Cerezen. The following testimonials from patients and their providers explain how Cerezen™ devices have become an integral solution for those who suffer from TMJD symptoms.

Scott Jameson

Cerezen™ Customer

"I was waking up with headaches on a daily basis, since using Cerezen that’s all gone"

Emily von Speyr

Cerezen™ Customer

"Life before Cerezen was painful"

Alex Leigh

Cerezen™ Customer

"I was really impressed by the technology that's behind Cerezen"

Dr Pui Tsoi


"With Cerezen because it's an insert in the ear, it doesn’t impact my patients lives at all"

Dr Lance Knight


"We put Cerezen straight in at the deep end with a difficult patient and got fantastic results"

Dr. Joanna Christou


"There are a whole cohort of patients who could potentially benefit from Cerezen"

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