Do you suffer from jaw pain,
facial pain or tension headaches?

You may have TMJD.

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Your life free from TMJ pain

The TMJ pain relief solution from Europe is here.

The CerezenTM product, is a unique, FDA-cleared, pioneering medical treatment that effectively treats pain associated with TMJD (Temporomandibular Joint Disorders) such as jaw pain, facial pain, ear pain, tension headaches and general pain in the jaw and facial muscles.

CerezenTM devices are discreet, clinically effective, custom-made hollow inserts which are worn in your ears providing pain relief from your TMJD symptoms.

CerezenTM devices are the most advanced, unique treatment for TMJD pain in Europe and now they are available in the USA.

How CerezenTM ear inserts work Your temporomandibular joint (TMJ), or jaw joint, is located very close to your ear canals.  In fact, as your jaw moves, the volume in your ear canals change.  CerezenTM ear implants apply a subtle pressure to the jaw joint, allowing it to return to a relaxed position, thus providing relief from TMJ.

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Patient Journey


Get started on your TMJ pain-free journey by taking our simple survey – it will take less than a minute – we promise.

Follow Up

Once you have completed the survey, we will be in touch to see if CerezenTM can work for you.


We will provide a detailed assessment for you to take to your health care professional. They will diagnose and if suitable for you, prescribe CerezenTM.


Once you have your CerezenTM prescription we will coordinate with a local ear impression specialist to get your ear impressions for your custom-made ear inserts.


Your custom-made devices will be manufactured for you within two weeks of your ear impressions being taken.


A fitting appointment will be scheduled when your custom-made devices are available.


We believe that getting relief from your TMJD should not cost you a fortune

and that’s why we offer two convenient ways to pay.

Monthly Pay

We will be offering a monthly payment plan!
After the $150 ear impression cost, you can make
easy monthly installments over 2 years.

Single Pay

A one-time payment of $1,900.

90 day money back guarantee

A 90 day money back guarantee will be offered for those buyers that are not completely satisfied with the results of the product, we will refund the purchase price of the device minus the $150 ear impression cost to the buyer.

For less than the daily price of a cup of coffee over two years you could be TMJ pain-free.

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